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About Adam

Adam Sovkoplas is an educator, a musician, a small business owner, a carpenter, a landscaper, and a concerned citizen. He is running for State Representative of KY District 62, because he believes people deserve to have their voices represented by someone who understands them and cares about the future of our children, our economy, and our environment. As an Eagle Scout, Adam understands the importance of protecting our civil liberties, exercising our civic duties and responsibilities, and working together so that everyone prospers now and in the future. Adam Sovkoplas is committed to representing the common interests of our Commonwealth.

Adam Sovkoplas is a Small Business Owner

My family owned and operated the Citrus Courts Motel in Brownsville, TX. I lived in a home on the property and worked at the motel for the first 20 years of my life. After moving to Lexington in 2006, I used the skills I acquired working at the motel to start what is now a thriving home renovation and landscaping business in Central Kentucky. I understand the difficulties of starting a business and hoping that it will succeed. I understand the investment and sacrifice that goes into taking a dream and making it a reality. I understand the long hours, the strain, the stress, and coming home exhausted, and I understand the satisfaction of a hard days work, the joy of seeing something and knowing that it wouldn’t have existed unless you built it, and the pride in having people compliment your job. This is why I will always support the small business owner and look out for our interests and our future.

Please watch this video for more information, endorsements, and to see some of my work:


Adam Sovkoplas for State Representative
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