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Q: What policies do you support to grow our clean energy economy to create new jobs and energy savings for Kentuckians?

Sovkoplas: We need to stop fighting progress and assume a prominent position on the front line when it comes to clean energy. No matter how hard some people try to fight it or deny it, our country is on the cusp of a major energy transformation. Kentucky should be working hard to be a leader in the development of new energy concepts and technologies as well as the industry and manufacturing involved in bringing those ideas to life. Investing in the development of clean energy will create economic growth in Kentucky from the research and development phase all the way through manufacturing and distribution and will create jobs for people of all skill and education levels. Implementation of the use of clean energy in homes and businesses should be made easy and affordable. Every penny saved on energy costs is a penny that can be reinvested in our local economy.

I would support HB196, which will require energy companies to invest in renewable energy and take action to increase energy efficiency.

I am in support of HR154 and the RECLAIM Act, which will assist those struggling in areas that were formerly mining communities.

I do not support HB227, which concerns reducing compensation for net metering (money paid to home owners who create excess energy through solar panels and feed surplus power back into the grid). 

do not support HCR115. Preventing the shutdown of coal burning power plants and removing subsidies for renewable energy is a huge step backwards.

I would not support SB82. If a local government wants to pass a law regarding the use of plastic bags, the state should not prevent that. 

Adam Sovkoplas for State Representative
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