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Kentucky Pensions

I have been teaching aspiring music educators in Kentucky since 2007 and have been on the faculties of the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, and Asbury since completing my Doctorate at UK in 2013. Many of my former students have been teaching and contributing to the pension system for years now and my current students should have the same opportunity in the future. Additionally, my fiancé is a high school teacher. The mismanagement of the pension system by our legislators is one of the primary motivating factors behind my decision to run for office. All efforts must be made to protect the pension system, correct the mistakes of our predecessors, guarantee that there are funds available to pay past, current, and future contributors what they are rightfully owed, and give the people who invest in the pension a proportional voice in dictating how their retirement fund is managed. We must look into new sources of revenue, balance the budget without invasive across the board cuts or the elimination of viable and crucial programs, and close tax loopholes that allow corporations to avoid their responsibilities.

I am learning a lot about this problem and the pensions long history of mismanagement by reading Kentucky Fried Pensions: A Culture of Coverup and Corruption by SEC whistleblower Christopher Tobe.

I am not a supporter of SB1

Adam Sovkoplas for State Representative
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